The Blog


I feel the need to make things clear and explain my intentions surrounding the creation of this blog as I believe trasparency should be a big part of the whole process.

I see this site as an intermediary stepping stone to something much bigger: the network itself. I know that if I want to achieve my bigger much more ambitious goal I have to start somewhere within reach (such as this blog). Somewhere I get to express some ideas and thougths through the vessel of blog posts.

I wish this to be a place to express this vision with other people than those in my direct surroundings. To be somewhere to start creating a wider network and interest. To fuel feedback in whatver form that may take, constructive criticism and ideas.

The photographic contents of this blog is done mostly by the talented photographer and videographer Camilla Howe (my twin sis), and myself. As we have travelled fairly extensively we have had the opportunity to rewild in many places such as the deep Australian outback. Many shots you will see are from there and beyond. The written contents is for now done by myself but will soon be featuring other authors and contributors.

I am currently searching for collaborators and contributors!

If you think you may be able to help (or know anyone who may) in the creation of The Human Rewilding Network itself please don’t hesitate to get in contact. Or perhaps you may want to write and article about a related subjet to help create contents for others to become inspired by? The community starts here and now and I am not interested in doing this alone.

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